Integrated Learning Analytics of MOOC Post-Course Development

Integrated Learning Analytics of MOOC Post-Course Development

LAK '17 Workshop

Wecome to the first workshop on Integrated Learning Analytics of MOOC Post-Course Development!

Please follow the links above for more information. The official workshop proposal can be found here. The workshop will be held on Monday, March 13th, 2017.

We welcome anybody who is interested in workshop to register and attend! How to register: Please click on the link below and select "Monday March 13, 2017 - 52: Workshop on Integrated Learning Analytics of MOOC Post-Course Development. Half Day Workshop – CAD$85 ($4.25 GST) = $89.25" Registration

This workshop aims to generate awareness in the community that considering learner data beyond the course platform and course-offering window can uncover previously unconsidered learning behaviors. As such, in adopting and developing this integrated learning analytics approach, the overall goal of the present workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners from different disciplines and areas of expertise to herald a new MOOC research branch on tracking and analyzing longitudinal MOOC learner development.

Presentations on finished, ongoing, and proposed studies, as well as facilitated discussion sessions are planned to develop a preliminary framework to illustrate the current development of the field and to inspire attendees to come up with exciting new lines of research of their own. Toward building this framework, the following guiding questions are included:

  • Data source: Where and how can learner post-development data be collected?
  • Tools: What analytical tools are useful in analyzing datasets merged from multiple sources?
  • Methods: What analytical methods have been used? What other methods can be applied?
  • Generalizability: What kind of practices and findings are domain-general or not?
  • Applicability: How can research findings translate into actionable insights for various stakeholders (learners, instructors, administrators, investors, etc.)?
  • Ethics: What are relevant ethics question in the process of collecting learner long-term development data?

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