Dan Davis

RfA Poster

Official Poster for Revolution from Afar (2020), directed by Bentley Brown, produced by Aboudigin Films

Terrorist #4 Poster

Official Poster for Terrorist #4 (2018), directed by Bentley Brown, produced by Nathan Danskey, starring John Hanacek and Ramey Dawoud

Lambda Lab Logo

Logo for Lambda-Lab, housed in the TU Delft Web Information Systems Group.

Oustaz Official Poster

Official Poster for Oustaz (2016), directed by Bentley Brown.

Car Barn Studios Logo

Logo for the Car Barn Studios design firm.

Blink Poster

Official Poster for Blink If You Can Hear Me (2015), directed by Nathan Danskey and Bentley Brown. [Watch]

Montage from a road trip featuring John, Bentley, and Nathan. DC → NYC → Boston → Burlington → Montreal → Quebec City → Cape Breton Island → Portland

Recap montage from Georgetown Media Fest, where an annual interactive gallery event where students can showcase their musical, art, performance, or film work to the community.

Music video for "Shukran My Totem" by Mosno al-Moseeki, from the album NOVELLA (Tarvo Music Productions) available on mosno.net. Storyboard, production and direction by Bentley Brown. Co-production by Nathan Danskey.

Change your password

Poster I made for Georgetown's password change initiative.

Zone of proximal development

For when I describe one of my favorite learning concepts.

MOOC Slide

For when I had to explain what a MOOC was.


For when I talk about metacognition.


I'm really fascinated by sociolinguistics.

Eye and Brain

Proposing a multimodal learning study using eye tracking and EEG in online learning environments.


Logo and tee shirt design for Georgetown's Graduate Student Organization, where I was Directory of Technology and Web Development for a year.

Hoya Round Tables

Promoting Hoya Roundtables, where Georgetown students and administrative leaders get together to discuss areas of student interest.

GU Integrative Lerning

Poster presented at Educause 2014 showing the GeorgetownX Integrative Learning Approach.

TEIS path

Visualizing the spread of technology-enhanced instructional strategies throughout Georgetown.

Studio Map

Promoting the use and awareness of Georgetown's collection of design studio spaces.


My rendition of the Innovation Adoption Cycle.

Long Nose

My visual rendition of the long nose of innovation.